Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UPDATE: It's your last chance at The Avengers Deuce and a Half

Deuce For Sale!Good news if you missed buying The Avengers Deuce and a Half we reported on awhile back: There's one more gigantic S.H.I.E.L.D. truck out there just waiting to find a proud home in your driveway. (Probably dwarfing your house. -ed.)

According to the eBay auction, this particular hero S.H.I.E.L.D. Deuce and Half was actually used in the film. And it's the last one they're selling, so you better make haste with a quickness and a vengeance

Behold: The Avengers Deuce Item #190695509748Per the seller, the beefy 2 1/2 tons of sexiness you see here is rust free, boasts 10 matching tires at 90% or better and runs perfect. Beyond those mouthwatering why buys, according to Wikipedia, the medium duty M35A2 is rated to up to 10,000 pounds of cargo. Plenty of room for your army of Ironettes (not included). Plus, as an added bonus while you're hauling assloads of ass, you can feed its late model turbo diesel multi-fuel engine on pretty much any leftover fluids lying around the bunker: diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, heating oil and - in a pinch - gasoline. Hell, maybe even the tears of your fallen super enemies. (Unsubstantiated.)

Because it's ostensibly still military hardware, the terms of sale require an export license from the State Department if you're shipping it overseas. So make like Thor's Hammer and smash your credit line wide open before you miss out on this Avengers prop awesomeness for good.

Hit the jump for more photos, details and to place your highest/best bid, fanboys.

Check it here: Ebay.com - The Avengers Deuce. M35A2 Military 6x6. Last One.

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