Monday, May 7, 2012

Iron Man Dancers Not Included: The Avengers Deuce and Half Auction

Deuce For Sale!

So, The Avengers smashed box office records like Drunk Hulk smashes Twitter, and now you're looking to roll strong in super hero style like Samuel L. Jackson. Good news, friend. Ebay has your hookup:

A S.H.I.E.L.D. Deuce and Half actually used in the film for the low, low buy it now price of only $10,000. (Way more badass than a paid placement Acura, right?)

$10 Grand O.B.O.If you do win, you're looking at 10 wheels of 2 1/2 ton sexiness. According to Wikipedia, the medium duty M35A2 is rated to up to 10,000 pounds of cargo. Plenty of room for your army of Ironettes (not included). As an added bonus, while you're hauling assloads of ass, you can feed its turbo diesel multi-fuel engine on pretty much any extra fluids lying around the bunker: diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, heating oil and - in a pinch - gasoline. Hell, maybe even the tears of your fallen super enemies. (Unsubstantiated.)

Because it's ostensibly still military hardware, the terms of sale require an export license from the State Department if you're shipping it overseas. Good luck with that, foreign comic book guys.

6 of 10 Gavels (Good, but no Helicarrier.)

Check it here: - The Avengers Deuce. M35A2 Military 6x6