Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Give me liberty // Review: Liberty Bottleworks

They don’t teach you this in law school but proper hydration is the first step to success... whether in the field or the courtroom.

Given that it’s unfashionable (and unsustainable) to tote around a vending machine twenty-ouncer and that there are too many re-usable of bottles to choose from, how do you find something that stands out? BPA-free is a given these days, but then what?

Liberty Battleworks to the rescue
Help is on the way.

How about an American-made, 100% aluminum bottle that comes in hundreds of styles? How about one with a lifetime warranty that can be recycled when you finally wear it out? How about one made by a company that donates time and money to organizations like the National Park Service and Keep America Beautiful?

That’d be Liberty Bottleworks.

Liberty Bottleworks - Hydration the American Way
24 ounces of "hells, yeah."

These aluminum bottles will set you apart from the hordes of Nalgene devotees and can accompany you anywhere you don’t have to pass through a metal detector. The unique three-stud closure system takes a minute to get used to, but so far has stood up to the rigors of billing 70 hours in a single week.

Feel the click.
Sound advice.

Should said 70 hour week make you a little shaky, Liberty also offers a convenient available “sport” lid (not shown) that can be used to regulate water flow and minimize spillage... lest your your fancy clothes suffer.

I'm a Chugga'
Personally, I'm a Chugga...

Beyond excellent build quality and finish in all four bottles we sampled, Liberty bottles are extremely versatile. While they prefer water, our extensive testing has confirmed that they can be used to carry potable liquids of almost any type.*

Bottles of Liberty - Made in the USA

The Verdict: American manufacturing may be down, but Liberty Bottleworks' proves we're not out yet.


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