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UNBOXING AND REVIEW: Inside the TRX Suspension Training System

New Years Resolutions are bullshit.

Every year they come around. And every year you vow to get in shape via as-seen-on-TV workout equipment. Workout equipment that usually ends up as a  drying rack for your enormous circus-tent-like dress shirts. Huzzah for that.

This year, resolve to quit resolving. Resolve to be a generally healthier person. And resolve to choose a workout regime that you'll actually want to do. Enter the TRX Suspension Training System - a delicious part of the nutritious breakfast we like to call a healthy lifestyle.

Interested? Here's what you'll find when you crack open the box:

TRX Pro Pack, Front
The Pro Pack Box, Front:
Fit people show off fitness in badass black and yellow. Pretty standard stuff.

TRX Suspension Trainer Pro Pack, Rear
The Pro Pack Box, Rear:
Out back you'll find the contents list. This particular Pro Pack includes the TRX Suspension Trainer model P2, compact mesh carry bag, a 65-minute introduction to suspension training DVD, durable quickstart/workout guide and two "bonus" workout cards.

Born in US Special Operations - TRX Suspension Trainer Box Detail
Pro Pack Box, Detail:
Apparently TRX is a military brat. M1 Abrams Tank, cum strap anchor, not included.

TRX Door Anchor Accessory
The TRX Door Anchor Accessory Box, Front:
Sadly, like the giant, badass tank shown on the main package, the door anchor accessory is also not included... Unfortunately, the same goes the hottie in super-tight short shorts shown in the photo.

TRX Pro-Pack, Inside. Pull in case of fitness.
TRX Pro Pack Main Box, Inside:
Pop the top and you'll find this neatly packaged intriguing introduction to suspension training. It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a mystery. Give the cord a pull and...

TRX Suspension Training System - Mesh Storage Bag
...the mesh carry bag pops out. Surprise!

TRX Training Straps - Behold the sexiness.
Inside of which you'll find the actual training straps themselves.

TRX Door Anchor Accessory, contents.
The Door Anchor Accessory Box, Contents:
TRX offers many different anchor options. I chose the Door anchor kit which includes the door anchor (duh) and a warning card to hang on the other side of the door while you carve your masterwork.

TRX Suspension Training System, finished.
The TRX System, Deployed.
Put it all together, and you're ready to rock. Or hang. Or whatever.

The Verdict: A full review will have to wait, but first impressions of the TRX suspension system is solid. Build quality is excellent, the exercises appear to be effective and training with the straps is actually fun. (Sorry, free weights... You're just not doing it for me anymore...) It looks to be a workout regime you'll like so much that you won't have to call it a regime... Or hang your laundry on it. So far, I'm a fan.

Check it out at TRXTraining.com


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