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Gerber Curve Expedited Review

Need a quick gift / daily carry / backup to your backup?  

The Gerber Curve Multi-Tool fits the tiny, yet sturdy bill.  With three types of screwdrivers (including an actual Phillips head driver), two files, and a quality blade, the Curve compares favorably to the classic keychain Swiss Army knife.

Gerber Curve deployed

Most awesomely, the devices lock!  That means you’re less likely than normal to get your knuckles shredded.

Arch nemesis

And although the Curve is too small to be a true survival tool, it does have one life-saving feature:

Beer me.

Check it here: Gerber Curve Grey Multi-Tool


I have been carrying the Gerber Curve for quite a while now and it is still an EDC choice for me. Although not intended for heavy duties it actually handles the small chores pretty well. Things like opening beer-coke-soda bottles, cutting cord, opening boxes and helping me (un)screwing all sort of IT stuff are not a problem when my Curve is at hand.
Versatile, cool looking and highly portable I really recommend it as a backup to fit in you pocket.
As for those who complain about the locking system beeing hard do deal with all I can say is that I have never had any problem with it. Just use your index and your thumb at the same time! It's not rocket science! In my opinion that feature actually hads a sense of security to it.
As for the carabiner sort of clip that many have said to have lost due to its fragility (an aspect that I agree with) I suggest doing what I did: make one with a longer tip to fit in the small hole yourselves and I guarantee you won't lose it! Works like a charm.
In a nut shell: considering the price it's the best buy and it is overall better than the competition.

Peace and Respect.

(Pardon my english, I'm not from an english speaking country!)

Agreed! I love the Curve. Most pocket multi-tools are terrible, so I didn't expect much when I picked it up, but now I'm huge fan. Lately, it even gets more use than my regular carry - most often a Leatherman Skeletool CX - because it's smaller and more discrete. The tiny size allows it to fit where nothing else will, and the shape of the body gives you just enough torque to make the flathead screwdriver extremely useful. Plus, I no longer scare innocent bystanders with a giant knife whenever I try to open a beer. (Huge bonus.)

Welcome to the Post-Apocalyptic Lawyer, btw. Your English is better than most of my interns. (Seriously...)

Thanks for the welcoming!
I've only discovered your blog two days ago and I immediatly added it to my list of favourites.
Great stuff!
Nowadays people are so paranoid that the smallest pocket knife is seen as a weapon.
For crying out loud, Boy Scouts carry a knife and I certainly don't see them as criminals. They teach kids how to use it properly and their moto says it all: be prepared!
Even MacGyver, who was totally against violence and guns, had always a faithful (and not so small!) SAK in his pocket :)
So you are right about the discretion of the Curve. It allows us to feel minimally prepared without the fear of being pointed as criminals everytime we use it.
Carrying a knife is probably human kind's most ancient right and duty. The very first EDC item.
Everybody ought to have one.
I'm always carrying either the Curve or the Dime. In my opinion, the best keychain multi-tools out there. And thanks to it I've been of many assistance to others in several ocasions. Trust me, when they needed help from my Curve or Dime they didn't complain about me carrying a "possible weapon".
Such a hypocrite world this is...

Love the review. Love the Curve. Also dig the Dime, but the Curve is the best!

See, this is exactly the sort of multitool that I would want to carry around. I live in the city and ride a bike so I generally have very little use for most of the features of the larger multitools and their size tends to turn me off (I try to carry as little as possible).

Thanks for this, I'm going to get one and see how I like it!

Good luck, researching multitools. It's a great little daily carry. The screwdriver is especially handy for slipping into tight places (Like behind the keg in a kegerator...) Let us know how you like it.

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