Wednesday, August 15, 2012


In a move guaranteed to send a few Paleo's into fits of stone age rage, Fitocracy, the premiere social fitness tracking app for web, Android and iPhone, launched a new site today.

Per their blog post, the new look is designed to help you make your fitness goals a reality. After a cursory surf, it's clear that the cleaner aesthetics and smart new sharing tools should help enhance your social connections with other fit-minded, interest-sharing friends. But the biggest difference you'll notice is the addition of photos and videos - a feature that's been sorely lacking, for better or worse, since launch.

Once you get past the sexy, sexy pictures and tasty, tasty new interface, you'll also notice sundry improvements to the dashboard, profiles and tracking features that should help you hit your goals with gusto.

While some might grumble, as a long-time Fitocracy fan, I welcome the changes. Here's hoping it continues to help me change, too.

10 props for victory!

The verdict: This calculated move by Fitocracy to unseat web fitness king makes it even easier than ever to blast your bi's with your buddies and share your gun show with the world.

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