Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Oh hells snow! The Home Plow By Meyer

When the weather service actually starts naming winter storms, just like hurricanes, it's time to take stock and stock up on the latest snow defeating technologies.

But screw all-natural ice melt pellets and discount scraper mittens. My latest discovery is  The Home Plow by Meyer. With which, I can finally live out my most lurid Mr. Plow fantasies without leaving my powerful, high-paying day job.

So tantalizing.

To make things easy for your average home user, the plow assembly appears to snap to your front bumper via a Class 3 front receiver hitch. Meaning that The Home Plow should fit on most SUVs or Light Trucks, like your fancy-pants Mercedes G-Wagon or the now departed Jeep Liberty pictured. (No word on the abomination that is all-new 2013 Jeep Cherokee. -ed.)

This demo does not do the awesomeness justice.

As an added bonus, Meyer claims that this is the only fully automated snow plow on the market for less than $3,000 bucks. (Which is far less than the average eat-in working lunch around here... -ed.)

For more pics, info and your nearest retailer visit The Home Plow by Meyer site. Or follow them on Facebook. Your choice, Plow King.

Jeep Liberty 4x4 with Home Plow Hero Pose
Follow me to freedom.

The Home Plow et Jeep Liberty 4x4 Side View
Have a snow ball.

The Home Plow Detached - Class 3 hitch
More plower to ya'.

Remote Control Automatic Control - also available in wireless
Also available in cordless.

Images as seen on: The Home Plow by Meyer


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