Saturday, June 16, 2012

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse In Your Very Own Lighthouse Hideaway

Ultimate Zombie Bunker, ahoy!

It's a fairly recognized fact that zombies hate water.  So when the dead start walking, you best be heading off-shore. Fortunately, Uncle Sam is ready to oblige your nautical needs with, not one, but four deep water light stations up for auction. 

Accessible only by boat, pick one of these up and your survival odds will be well-positioned to take advantage of the severe lack of zombie seafaring tradition. Designed to hold out against the harshest ocean conditions and constructed around the turn of the century, give or take, these isolated beacons are built to last, too. Heavy concrete, cast iron caissons, reinforced brick and just the right amount of victorian flair are par for the course. Toss in a little paint, a little love and a desalinization plant, and you're ready to go. Check 'em out!

Miah Maull Light Station - "The Lonely One"

Delaware Bay | Cumberland County, New Jersey
39° 7´ 36" N, 75° 12´ 35" W
Sale-Lot Number: BOSTN112004001

Per the GSA Description:
The light station was constructed in 1913 and is a cast iron, 45-foot conical red tower with a black lantern, topped with a cornice. The foundation is a concrete and cast iron caisson, 40 feet in diameter.  The three-story interior is lined with brick.

Miah "Darth" Maull Light Station

Ship John Shoal Light - "The Baroque One"

Offshore | Seabreeze, New Jersey
39°18′19″N, 75°22′36″W
Sale-Lot Number: BOSTN112008001

Per the GSA Description:
(The Ship John Shoal Light) was built in 1877 to mark a hazardous underwater terrain feature known as Ship John Shoal. The lighthouse is a fifty foot high Second Empire Style red octagonal tower with its cylindrical concrete filled caisson foundation.  Included with the lighthouse is a concrete pier and a boat dock with riprap north of the lighthouse and a separate riprap deposit south of the lighthouse. The Property has a watch room and an octagonal lantern surrounded by an open gallery. It is accessible by boat only.

Baroque, isn't it?


Ship John Shoal Interior

Ship John Shoal Interior

Ship John Shoal Interior

Steampunk Super Villains Only

Little Gull Island Light Station - "The Private Island"

Long Island Sound | Orient Point, New York
41°12′23″N, 72°06′25″W
Sale-Lot Number: BOSTN111004001

Per the GSA Description:
Little Gull Island, located approximately seven (7) nautical miles from Orient Point, New York in Long Island Sound, contains approximately one (1) acre of land and is improved by the Little Gull Island Light Station.  The Light Station was constructed in 1869 and contains approximately 450 square feet of space.


Spooky stairs of doom.

Come to the light.

Little Gull Island Light Tower

We shall fight them on the beaches...


Standard Guard.

Orient Point Lighthouse - "The Rocky Citadel"

Plum Gut | Southold, New York
41°9′48.393″N 72°13′25.014″W
Sale-Lot Number: BOSTN112007001

Per the GSA Description:
Built in 1899... ...The lighthouse consists of a brick lined cast iron plated tower section, a base section that is a concrete filled cast iron caisson, and a south facing vessel breasting structure consisting of a steel frame with timber/rubber fender panels.  Orient Point Lighthouse stands approximately 45 feet tall and is comprised of six levels, including two watch decks and three stories of living quarters.

Your Fortress Awaits.

Orient Point Today

Orient Point Light Dock Stairs

Isn't this a Call of Duty Level?

Def. A Call of Duty Level...

What goes up?


More stairs.

Totally Fresnelic.

Beautiful view.

If you're looking to bid, make sure you read the terms of sale.

While none of the requirements are as a nasty as the scrap order issued on the US Navy Stealth Ship auction we reported on awhile back, each does demand unique considerations you'll need to be aware of. (At least until civilization collapses under the zombie onslaught.)

Image Source: GSA, USCG