Monday, June 25, 2012

Discoveries: Eat To Grow Home Protein Delivery

Getcha Meat Delivery, 'ere!

I was hungry for Meat...

But I was too busy filing briefs to drive to my local food megastore to pick some up. Faced with this conundrum, the simplest, most obvious solution was turn to the web, where I stumbled upon this: Eat to Grow home protein delivery. A company that DELIVERS MEAT TO YOUR HOUSE.

Protein rich beef. All-natural chicken. Low-fat bison burgers. Omega-3 seafood. All-natural turkey. Whatever kind of Meat you're looking to char and consume, they'll ship it to you safely packed in a styrofoam box large enough to serve as a makeshift lifeboat for a family of eight.

Seriously, lifeboat. Check it out.

Billed as "Performance Food Delivered," the program was originally designed for bodybuilders and fitness competitors. (It appears to be endorsed by famous(?) fitness hotties and world-renown(?) swole gigantors.) But I see no reason the average, exercise-doing, Meat-loving American can't get in on the action - particularly if you pair your Meat selection with the proper microbrew.

Apparent Pros:

  • Meat
  • Meat delivered to your door
  • Meat in convenient meal-sized packages
  • Meat of the natural, organic variety
  • Meat approved by hottie fitness hotties
  • Also, Meat

Apparent Cons:

  • I am not a gigantor
  • (Justifiably) Expensive

Did I mention Meat?

Do NOT attempt.

Did I mention hottie fitness hotties?

Why, yes. I did.

Case. Closed.

Price: Varies

Check it out here: Eat to Grow

Image Source: Mat_the_W, used under Creative Commons.