Monday, June 4, 2012

Brooks LSD Lite II Running Jacket: 4.3 Ounces of Pure Dryness

Brooks LSD Lite II

It’s decision time.

You’re ready to run, but the weather looks ominous. It could rain, but maybe it won’t. All you know is you don’t want to be stuck four miles from home when the skies open up.

BrooksIf you’re afraid of getting a little wet, maybe running (or hiking, or walking, or biking, or being outdoors at all) isn’t for you. If you’re afraid of getting A LOT wet, then maybe the dubiously named Brooks LSD Lite II is the answer to your problem.

The LSD Lite II packs so many features into 4.3 ounces you’ll think you’re hallucinating. The shell is highly wind- and rain-resistant, but offers decent (not great) breathability due to the back vents. Only slightly heavier and bulkier than the acclaimed Verto shell by The North Face, the LSD Lite II offers more comfort by allowing warm air to escape. Brooks’ offering is also considerably less expensive - $75 compared to $120 for the Verto.

LSD hoodie
The LSD Lite II sports a roll-and-stow hood, which is handy for hiking but less useful for running because there’s no draw cord to prevent wind from blowing the hood off. In keeping with recent trends, the full-zip jacket features a “zipper garage” rather than a flap to prevent air from entering at the top of the zip closure (the Verto, also full-zip, has neither). The LSD Lite II features one small zipper pocket for a key, ID or similar item.

Obviously designed with Brooks’ core demographic of insane runners in mind -- the reflective detailing should have clued you into that -- the ultra-light jacket packs down so small you can literally carry it in your pocket on a hike (or into a particularly messy courtroom). It’s not completely waterproof – jackets in this segment haven’t quite reached that point yet – but it’s perfect for the office rainmaker-wannabe. 

Brooks LSD Lite II Running Jacket Verdict:
8 out of 10 gavels

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