Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PAL Survival Team #2: Judge Dredd

Dread the Dredd

Welcome to the PAL Survival Team. A running dossier/celebration of the men, women and chief law givers you want on your side when Justice stops prevailing... And starts getting real.

PAL Survival Team #2: Judge Dredd

When the dust settles in the fiery wasteland we’re destined to inherit, we’re going to need someone to regulate the violence and anarchy. Why settle on some who can merely enforce the law, when you can have someone who IS the law?

We get it. You're The Law.

Fortunately, as you may have heard, Judge Joseph Dredd is the law. Armed with his Lawgiver pistol, he’s been bringing justice to the fictional streets of Mega-City since, like, the 1970s or so. Exactly the kind of experience we'll need, as, let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before we're sporting self-driving motorcycles and conflated notions of law-giving and fact-finding, too.

Plus, is it just me, or does Judge Dredd look uncannily like the guy who lost to and then beat the great Apollo Creed before beating Mr. T and then the guy who killed Apollo Creed?

Not the Law.

If it is the same guy, his knowledge of advanced robotics would be indispensable.

Rocky IV: A Plot Line Too Far.

Seriously. Who wouldn’t want this guy on their post-apocalyptic survival team?

(Obviously IDW Publishing does. To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of our favorite Law Giver, they're teaming up with 2000 AD to launch of new line of Judge Dredd Comics starting later this year.)