Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bar Exam Preparation Survival Quiz

Post-Apocalyptic Academy

You have two months until the worst experience of your life.  Will you make it to the big day, or are you doomed before the clock even starts?  Take our practice test to find out…

1) How many hours of sleep are you getting per night?
      a. Four.
      b. Six.
      c. Sleep?
      d. Under Miranda v Arizona, I don’t have to answer that.

2) The other students in my bar review course are:
      a. Smart.
      b. Not smart.
      c. Conspiring against me.
      d. Imaginary.

3) How do you plan on spending the night between the exam days?
      a. Drinking.
      b. Praying.
      c. Studying.
      d. Oh s***! There are two days?!

4) At common law, the elements of a contract are:
      a. Offer and acceptance.
      b. Offer, acceptance, intent, and consideration.
      c. Offer, acceptance, and consideration.
      d. Offer, acceptance, and calligraphy.

5) Which of the following is NOT a concept of property law?
      a. Tenancy in common.
      b. Tenancy by the entirety.
      c. Tenancy at will.
      d. Calling “dibs.”

6) Which Amendment protects against unreasonable search and seizure?
      a. Second.
      b. Seventh.
      c. Fourth.
      d. Eleventy-First.

7) How many practice exams are you taking per week?
      a. Two.
      b. One.
      c. Three.
      d. Words With Friends is basically like a practice exam, right?

8) How many total hours do you plan on spending on studying?
      a. 250.
      b. 300.
      c. 350.
      d. How many hours are in three consecutive all-nighters?

9) True or false: I have been actually writing out essay answers to prepare for six straight hours of writing.
      a. True.
      b. False.
      c. I’m not worried about my shootin’ hand.

10) True or false: I am secretly planning to fake my death rather than take the bar exam.
      a. True.
      b. True.

Answer Key:
There’s no easy answer to studying for the bar.  Put in the time and the work, and you have a good shot at succeeding.  Then comes the real test: waiting for the results.