Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Update: You Made James Suffer

Make James Suffer. "You donate it, I carry it."
Nice work, people.

This past weekend, our friend James suffered an entire 5k with the weight of your American Heart Association donations draped across his heroic, calloused shoulders - all $2k of it. Crossing the line in just under 1:10, he hustled your 100 pounds of love with a quickness that defies all physics, all logic and every single self-presevation instinct built into modern man by eons of evolution. (Obviously.)

Axe me a question
How to fit 100 lbs of sh*t storm in a 2.4 lb sack.

So, go ahead, clap your torture-inducing selves on the back for a job well done. Because James did it. You did it. And now Heart Disease is going to get it - right where it counts.

Hero. Legend. Lunatic.
A Winner is you.
(And also you.)

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