Thursday, April 26, 2012

Discoveries: ResQMe Rescue Tool

Discoveries: The ResQMe Rescue Tool
Around here, you get used to making quick exits. Which is why I got so excited when I came across the ResQMe 2-in-1 automotive rescue tool.

Spring-Loaded Pin Detail
Its smart, simple design combines a spring-loaded safety glass smashing pin with an integrated seatbelt blade in one durable plastic package. And because it attaches to your keychain, its stays right within hands reach in the event of an accident. Simply yank it off the quick release key ring, slice the belt and bash the window. Escape and evasion are as easy at that.

Blade DetailDid I mention it's made in the USA? In a ton of colors? At a price that makes it the best impulse buy/investment you could ever make? That's self-extraction in style.

(Just don't watch the following clip from The Doctors if you want that style - and your survivalist self-respect - to remain intact.)

Price: Usually around $10

Check it here: ResQMe 2-in-1 Rescue Tool