Friday, November 9, 2012


General Attraction: 41 minutes and three seconds of Paula Broadwell looking hot.

Multiple news reports are beginning to detail the sudden, unexpected and scandalous resignation of CIA Chief David Petraeus. Washington and the various cable news networks are all atwitter with rapid, vapid indignation. And, personally, I'm left wondering who seduced the (real) most powerful man in the world

Word is, Petraeus - a capable senior officer, co-author of the Army Counterinsurgency Field Manual 3-24 and orchestrator of the much-ballyhooed Iraq and Afghanistan "surge" - has apparently stepped down due to an extra-marital affair with his biographer; a certain Paula Broadwell. And based on pictures I've seen, it's no wonder he went "All In" with the author of All-In: The Education of General David Petraeus. (Read: Because she's a total hottie. -ed.)

As proof of my hotness hypothesis, I present to you: 41 minutes and three seconds of Paula Broadwell looking hot. She's also talking about something. I think. But... mostly just looking hot... for 41 minutes and three seconds.

She works out.

On one hand, I'm saddened by this changing of the guard. David Petraeus is a war hero, one of the finest leaders to serve our military in recent history and a capable master of the CIA dark arts. On the other hand, daayum! She's hot. Babe. Hottie. All of these things, combined.

No matter what buzz is bouncing around the Beltway, one thing's for sure, at least this former four-star has better taste than Bill Clinton.



She is smoking hot hot hot:-)
I think it is a shame that Petraeus resigned due to the situation. There are more important issues than affairs in the big scheme of things. Its just life, whoopity doo. It happened. She is smoking hot and I would be tempted too. Just look at her. She is smart, interestsing to talk with and very very attractive.

In the immortal words of the guy who wrote the script for RoboCop: I'd buy that for a dollar.

Update: Video link returned to hotness. Continue about your day.

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