Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mountain Hardwear Double Wicked Lite Tee: For When You Have to Wear a Shirt

Let’s face it: unless you’re in court, there’s no reason to sport the Oxford shirt and tie combo. With global temperatures rising and air conditioning only sporadically available, you might be tempted to eschew clothing altogether. But only partners can get away with that. So what do you wear when you have to wear something?

Enter the Mountain Hardwear Double Wicked Lite short sleeve tee. Blissfully free of collar stays and cuff links, the super-light shirt is an attractive and affordable choice in a wicking tech tee segment otherwise packed with uninspiring options. Lightweight and quick-drying, the tee is perfect for those ozone action days when you don’t have to appear before the judge. The two-tone color scheme is a refreshing change in a field filled with uncreative single-color competitors, and adds a slimming effect that’s actually flattering on most, er, some lawyers’ physiques.

The shirt does have some downsides. It’s a bit of a tight fit, especially in the shoulders. I haven’t had any trouble so far, but the fabric feels very delicate. I’m not sure it would survive scrambling through crumbling concrete and rebar.   And although it does dry relatively fast, the wicking action leaves a little bit to be desired. On the bright side, it doesn’t have to be dry cleaned or ironed, and the anti-odor technology can overcome all but the cheapest of colognes.

The Mountain Hardwear Double Wicked Lite tee shirt is an excellent, ultra-lightweight choice. It’s not the most versatile option in its class (I don’t recommend it as an insulating layer) and is best used in very hot weather, but for most attorneys it’s a better option than going shirtless.

Mountain Hardwear Double Wicked Lite Short Sleeve Tee Shirt – Rating:
8 of 10 Gavels

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