Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Notes of Fury: 8 Bit Books

As an irrational iPhone 5 mania sweeps the nation and my inbox runneth over with lolcats, isn't it about time we stepped back to a simpler time? When "social" meant face time, not Facebook. When "notes" meant paper and a fine ballpoint pen. When 8-bit music was 8-bit music because it was actually 8-bit music...

Control your notes with 8 Bit Books
Well, lo-fi friends, look no further than the simple irony of 8 Bit Books on Etsy.com. Fight back against digital doom with notebooks crafted from actual, de-constructed Nintendo cartridges.

From Mario Brothers to Skate or Die, from Fester's Quest to Wrestlemania, they're all here in a form practically guaranteed to grind any status meeting to a halt. (Not to mention, catch the 80's-bred eye of Jill from Accounting. Wink. -ed.)

Per the pictures, craftsmanship looks like it could err a little on the loose side. However, if you're looking for the ultimate irony, that patina of love - with a delicious dash of hand-crafted sawce - will give your Super Mario super doodles even more old skool street cred. And who doesn't like that?

Best of all, these babies aren't Chinese reseller leftovers. Oh, no, they're recycled for your anti-hero hipster pleasure in greater Detroit, USA. (Or what's left of it, anyway... -ed.)

8 Bit Books - Super Mario Bros.
Iconically Ironic.

8 Bit Books - Inside
This is where the words go.

8 Bit Books - Skate or DIE
Make it so.

 The Verdict: If irony is art, frame these biznitches and toss 'em on your wall. Or use 'em to take notes like your grandpappy did... with a damn pen. You know, whatever....

Price: Averaging between $12-$15

Get 'em here: 8 Bit Books on Etsy


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